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New york navigation (#112565) jquery css3 (#108818) joshua tree (#90600) a paper bag story (#95752) img_91330 (500) bags of summer (#95860) _mg_1854 helena hong (#78898). /12/2013 – version clean completely rewrote for better slide performance & mobile compatibility updated the scripts in modified the css to make the menu more responsive 06/23/2012 – version fixed an issue occurring with drop downs opened on page load in 05/19/2012 – version fixed an issue with internet explorer in 05/04/2012 – version updated to enable multiple usage of the custom scrollbars added the ability to use easing

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effects 04/17/2012 – version added an option to hide the menu bar on page load 03/16/2012 – version fixed a small bug that was blocking the drop downs on mobile devices 02/29/2012 – version improved compatibility with mobile devices (modified the javascript & css files) improved the megamenu script 02/24/2012 – version fixed an issue caused by the custom scrollbars (modified ) 02/15/2012 – version initial release if you browse my portfolio. Improved with some javascript working ajax contact form clean & attractive design complete typography set 100% valid html/css markup uses fade some css3 magic comes with a fully working ajax contact form cross browser tested mouse click (“toggle”) – drop downs fixed until mobile another click mouse hover – drop downs disappear once the mouse is out mouse click – drop downs disappear once the mouse is out for each effect. “covering” & fixed column grid system form (up to navbar 12 columns) 6 jquery effects menu bar scroller custom scrollbars within the drop downs inner tabs to include more content relies mainly on css. They responsive all offer slightly different options so i mega encourage you to take the time to carefully read the descriptions drop