Music fancy player plugin jquery v2.0 javascript media

Music fancy player plugin jquery v2.0

When its selected targetlink – the target window for the optional links of fallback each track xmlpath – the path to the xml file xmlplaylist – the id of the playlist which should be loaded into player from the xml file swffolder – the path to the swf folder which contains the flash version onready – a function that will be called. Loopplaylist replace jscrollpane with nicescroll – working with jquery – new option to enable/disable the numeration of the flash tracks in the playlist new option to set the index which track from the playlist should be played first – new sound management system (soundma

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Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, Layered PSD, SWF/FLV, XML

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nager 2) new options. Mp3 player in flash with html5 fallback html/css skin html & xml playlists many options an extensive api psd file included song playlistheight – the height of the playlist volume – show/hide the volume control playlist – show/hide the playlist playlistinitopen – open the playlist. When the player has been music created playlistscrollable – enable/disable the scrolling for the playlist autoplay – enable/disable the autoplay autoload – enable/disable the automatic loading showhours – enable/disable the hour audio digits in the time display playnextwhenfinished – play new track when current one has finished trackcolornormal – a hex value for the title color trackcolorhover – a hex value for the title color. Playnextwhenfinished now it will sound check first if html5 audio engine is supported & if not it mp3 will use the flash version multiple custom playlists via xml – 2 new color themes(black & white)