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Resent () for recent photos you can simply grid show freshest photos from the photostream. Search () gallery for searching photos flickr gives you many options for searching photos that are stored on its servers. The best for flickr the best gallery implementation for flickr on the market horizontal masonry grid that is very familiar for flickr users made on the base of moon mega grid jquery plugin very simple to start tons of additional options popular flickr api methods implementation photos of the five flickr api popular public methods. User () for photos of a concrete user you can make a jquery

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CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, LESS

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gallery using all your photos. Beautiful themes 9 beautiful gallery themes spectacular animated hover effects different sizes of icons support square icons support video type support custom templates support mobile friendly mouse hover effect album simulation for mobile devices strong memory saving algorithm smart loader button default loader button animated progress of loading color themes api for creating a custom loader button lightbox built in lightbox with many options & several pre built themes touch swipe support slideshow mode neighbor photos preloading custom lightbox templates support svg filters svg filters support for the simple & the classica templates 12 usage examples “twin” mode documentartion well documented flickr pack code well documented moon mega grid code flickr pack api page moon mega grid api page quick start page how to page with frequent questions separate article on smart loader creating separate article on custom lightbox creating well commented examples