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Independent 8 code colorize it’s an independent code & it flat need any javascript framework like jquery(about 100kb) or mootools(about 90kb) page so it loads as fastest as posible. Multiple backgrounds also preloader can accept multiple backgrounds in different pre-loader colors & show them in customizable a random pattern at any time. ) modular script loading architecture allows you to create html5 your own version of the script using css3 online tool & include in build only features that you need. Nice metro windows design all preloader’s designs are cache based on nice metro interface css

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3 animations new page uses css3 transitions to make softer movements install in whole of page which can make it more beautiful. Metropreloader is a easy to use preloader which gives you this logo ability to easily ajax setup your website preloading in a nice metro designed loading screen & display the fully loaded website when it finishes