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Rebooted galleryjack a gallery fullscreen jquery

The number of settings along with plugin which ones chosen were really a compilation of image 7 months of buyer feedback from the first version. So for the past few months i decided jquery to portfolio rewrite the original from scratch & this time add twice as many features. ” by deych 4 types particles opening by plamencvetanov jquery jquery address modernizr mobileesp css clip animation the jquery version used for this plugin is html5 doctype is not required for the gallery to work ajax mode does not support image descriptions ajax mode has the option to slideshow multiple display image n

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ames as tool tips only only one thumbnail size can be used throughout a gallery in ajax mode transition & type & scaling type will be the same through each category in ajax mode video & lightbox popups are not supported in ajax mode timthumb & similar thumbnail creation scripts are not included “slide both” & “slide over” transitions are not supported in ie7 & will default to “fade” thumbnail circle animation is built with html5 canvas & will not animate in browsers that don’t support html5 canvas fonts used are google web fonts & do not need to be downloaded images. Slide over & wipe expandable icon menu that can display whatever html you want optional keyboard shortcuts for prev/next image custom built html5 canvas slideshow timer stretch images fullscreen or slider use “fit” mode to avoid cropping choose to auto play the gallery choose to randomize your category images set the auto play delay set the image transition time choose to start resizable the gallery with thumbnails hidden always display the maximum number of thumbnails or choose a specific amount to show choose to show image descriptions by default choose to disable right clicking to help protect your images from download decide if an image click takes you to the next image or not open external links through image clicks ajax contact form set initial music player volume choose to autoplay songs randomize your song album order display custom titles for your songs choose to autoplay video “deep & moving” by truedistinctionmusic “becoming” by bluegestalt “euphoria vol. Thanks for checking it out 34 custom settings use as a fullscreen or fixed size gallery photo use “ajax mode” to populate your gallery automatically from your website’s image folder custom built html5 audio & html5 video players with flash fall backs optional deep linking for enhanced browsing optional thumbnails with optional tool tips optional image descriptions custom built lightbox for html5 video