Responsive everslider plugin carousel jquery javascript sliders

Responsive everslider plugin carousel jquery

Added new configuration option “tickerautoplay” added mobile custom jquery events & classes that will help adding animations to carousel items that run teaser in sync with main carousel transition updated documentation with examples how to add animation to carousel slides css3 update to version (15 nov. Check instructions in documentation to update your code accordingly update to jquery version (29 sep 2013) fixed problem with css3 animations on ios7 fixed bug that was causing everslider to become unresponsive on small screens in certain conditions added new “syncheight” option to content dynamic

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ally adjust carousel height based on visible slides update to version (8 oct. Fully responsive & mobile friendly retina ready controls (psd included) hardware css3 transitions with fallback to jquery works in ie7+ & on android & iphone keyboard & mousewheel support drag & touchswipe support three carousel modes + autoplay (ticker) more than 30 configuration options api & callbacks unlimited slides that can have any content simple usage scroller & clear documentation lightweight (only 20kb on disk) conflict free jquery plugin jshint compliant code update to version (30 jul fluid 2013) refactored ticker code added option to permit page scroll by vertical swipe gesture from within plugin fixed problem when using everslider with fixed flickering of ticker pause/play controls in safari fixed problem randomly preventing everslider to resize when ticker is enabled update to version (12 aug 2013) added preloading fixed timing for slidesready() callback “moveslides” option can now accept special “auto” value to move exactly visible amount of slides structure changes. ) fixed inability to set carousel items margin to 0 through itemmargin option fixed issue with fitdelay & fitduration options if they are passed as retina strings fixed problem with ticker timeout that was not including animation duration for different touch effects update to version (11 drag nov. ) added new showcase plugin option “tickerhoverdelay” gallery that delays pausing/resuming carousel on mousehover made “fade” animation effect bi directional with “fadedirection” plugin option to change direction added new api function slideto() to rewind carousel to any position added code that prevents dragging of images & links when touchswipe is enabled credits & sources photos in preview are from