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Responsive frameit jquery plugin

Which means it’s 100% showcase compatible with responsive frame web designs. Follows any link you want +20 presets for all images orientations css3 slideshow real shadow effects css3 responsive background images (even on unsupported browser) jquery effects included fully documented & explained powered by jquery & javascript images shown in the preview are not included in the download & are for crossbrowser demonstration purposes only. The documentation javascript is superb” quevega code generator ui – done – december 26 2012 added code generator interface fixed progress bar bug fixed pauseon

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hover bug – october 25 2012 added presets information animated to documentation – october 19 2012 added support for autoslideshow added support for css3 double border slider fixed error when easing library is not included – october 8 2012 added support for separates image for frames added support for anchor frames – october 5 2012 initial release cubagallery from flicker icons used. Here responsive & mobile ready support for all majors browser fully customizable frames shapes with css classes fully configurable animation of the frames auto slideshow with images css3 double border effect separate images for each frame anchor frames. Create a plugin that showroom allows give a touch of life to images