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Experience with an lightbox ftp program such as filezilla or cyberduck video photo & typo opener by muko app/service/product promotion by jakubvejmola wedding album by muratoz sliding presentation by webarteo company timeline by dem g audio one fine day by symphony of hovers specters your little planet corp by musicpremium spring by silversnow soft introduction by webarteo got joy by frozensatellite preview image social buttons kim peterson code libraries jquery jquery address modernizr stackblur jacked. Every item has it’s own unique link touch swipe for mobile devices genuine fullscreen f

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or firefox & chrome group any items together & create item categories youtube video w/ mobile fallback vimeo video w/ mobile fallback automatic youtube & vimeo thumbnail loading html5 video w/ flash backup html5 audio responsive w/ flash backup flash video w/ mobile backup load html divs. Same file & path as source youtube above if you aren’t using jquery video yet that’s ok as jackbox is still backwards compatible retina to jquery jackbox was built with 2 goals in mind. Iframes & google maps a boatload of custom thumbnail hovers & tooltips css3 preloader for smoother animation optional gallery style thumbnails options to set the lightbox thumbnail width & mouse height optional item titles & descriptions option to show the description info by default option to start with thumbnails hidden option to autoplay all videos either globally or individually option to zoom smaller images automatically either globally or individually option to preload graphics for a smoother lightbox experience jackboxfx standalone responsive html5 video player w/ flash backup view under the hood first. (see included documentation for more information) updated to jquery fixed facebook “like” button bug updated to jquery mobile due to multiple requests