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Responsive translucent slider rotator banner

Number buttons & timer clock rotator – play pause show number buttons horizontally fluid or vertically possible to show number buttons permanently instead of transition auto hiding captioncaption text can be aligned bottom (default) or set custom position (float mode) enable / disable caption text responsive selection individually adjustable caption width. Shadow & few other slider parameters helps to achieve good visibility of image blur caption addition to the translucent background). Auto play option with fixed swipe caption & individual slide delay times buttonsadjustable button color i

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phone. Touch sensitivityadjustable drag & drop factor (in pixel values) adjustable throw factor (in pixels) 12 may 2012 responsive & fluid layout support added method added to dynamically resize banner dot style navigation added arrow style navigation added bigger & adjustable button size for touch devices for ease of liquid use added randomize option performance improvements targeting mobile & tablets ie6 support dropped (now works only from ie7 +) 30 nov 2011 supports loading images from external domains added option delay to resize images automatically option to choose resize behaviour (fit or fill) option to choose image alignment option to set custom number of images to preload new variation (sample 5) added for easier customisation few minor bugs fixed on the navigation image credits. Slide out 2 different slideshow ipad kind of touch swipe/throw transitions (move & slideout) adjustable transition speed effect