Scroller dzs jquery right done scrollbar javascript miscellaneous

Scroller dzs jquery right done scrollbar

Some bug fixes update [ 07/27/2011 ] added reinitialization options [ for content added after initialization ] update [ 07/14/2011 ] fixed a scroll issue in ie8 allows inline dynamic horizontal content jquery plugin files example files – premade examples from which you can start modify & build your project with readme gallery documentation – demo here – lifetime updates. Note that pictures take fade time to load – you can call the scroller right when the document scrollbar is ready – html via the jquery(document). Now responsive update [ 03/22/2012 ] fixed bugs cleaned skin settings to only a

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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settings_skin parameter 5 fresh skins settings_autoheight – calculate the scroller height depending on out the first element height settings_autoresizescrollbar – calculate the scrollbar size depending on the visible area / content area proportion update [ 09/06/2011 ] scrollbars now visible on the iphone / ipad some new options. For responsiveness [tweak] custom changed mouse wheel algorithm [fix] mouse wheel on ie9 update [ 05/02/2013 ] fixed some bugs horizontal improved experience on mobile devices – ipad more natural scrolling update [ 02/22/2013 ] fixed some bugs new. Tired of the default scrollbar ? dzs scroller jquery is vertical the ultimate scrollbar for your site which you can customize very easily via css if the 3 skins included are not enough