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– autoplay now navigation scrolls the tabs to keep the current tab visible & the tablock behavior is now more intuitive (based on user feedback). – fixes noconflict / autoplay bug (thanks to ‘bigego’) – adds compatibility for the latest jquery release – corrects tabtrigger positioning for rtl implementations & some ie bugs – corrects tabcontrol ‘hover’ behavior – corrects ie7 specific syntax errors – adds 9 ‘sexy’ image transition effects & tab scrolling – corrects a variable name that was causing errors in some instances of ie – adds option to trigger tab change on hover or on click – fixes

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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ie6/7 issue where links direct to widget ”/undefined” – fixes ie6 issue where the first txtboxes fails to display on init – adds ability to have multiple sitefeatures on one page – fixes issue where the ‘selected’ tab. ‘enterthedragon’ + interactive customizable ‘random’ & ‘cycle’ options the ability to scroll through tabs & set the number of tabs visible at any given time (ie. Causes the image to disappear & never return in ie6/7 – jquery fixes autoplay pauseonhover after click bug – added pauseonhover to autoplay. All content is still slideshow viewable & styled when javascript is not available – adds compatibility with the latest jquery release