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The dp social timeline plugin lets you retrieve status/posts/videos/images from different social youtube networks in a timeline format stream from the newest to jquery the oldest. Recent journal entries for this profile jquery – isotope – icons – colorbox – fixed issue in soundcloud iframes added audio support for tumblr added soundcloud feed option added columns support for timeline twitter images fixed issue with fb thumbnails added rtl option fixed issue with fb videos fixed issue in twitter feeds limit improved responsiveness improved option to modern set items width by layout added action

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buttons in tweets (reply. Fixed an issue with facebook feeds added options to hide/show specific layout buttons added options to set item width in specific sleek layouts fixed an issue unique with twitter api fixed a minor issue in ie fixed an error in opera browser. Find the id of your fb page in instagram – instagram username instagram_hash – instagram hashtag delicious – delicious username soundcloud – soundcloud username widget flickr social – flickr user id. Find your id in flickr_hash – flickr hashtag tumblr twitter rss – tumblr username youtube – youtube username youtube_search – youtube search keywords dribbble – dribbble username digg – digg username pinterest – pinterest username vimeo – vimeo username lastfm_tracks – lastfm facebook username