Stepper form element tstepper javascript forms

Stepper form element tstepper

Tstepper is a part one of the many component soon to come parts of the tforms pack. Now it can be incremented/decremented when pressing the up/down keys can form tanke numeric values from a float min to a float max (meaning that numbers such as & are also accepted) can take an array of values & increment through them (as a list) can be also applied select to items & make a stepper from its options a gradient color can be applied for the values. Its basic functionality is an exact replica of the adobe flash numeric stepper component made in javascript so no flash is needed. Etc) very customizable

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& easy to use it is list designed 100% in css & it is easy to manipulate cross browsered supports unlimited number of values smooth color transition manual input also supported for numeric tforms values. This means that you can set a start numeric color & an end color to change their values from a to b (for example from hot to cold / red to blue