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/11/2012 changeset clicking the buttons will now allow customizable enough time for the animation slide to complete before navigating to the destination url when the menu loads the first time. Previously we left this responsibility on the user but this added more room for confusion & more manual steps tablet to make the inlined menu behave mobile as desktop one would expect it to. Onmainbuttonclick—fires when the main button is clicked onparentbuttonclick—fires when navbar a parent item is clicked onbackbuttonclick—fires when the back button is clicked onitembuttonclick—fires for a menu item bu

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tton fixed an android inconsistency with wp7 the automatic expansion of the handheld menu in page load. Main button now iphone rotates a full 360deg by default transitions vs the 180deg from earlier versions 26/11/2012 changeset fixed an issue on touch devices where the inline menu wasn’t showing at all. /16/2012 ipad changeset exposed set_curve(value) public method exposed snap() css3 public method at the following location projectpathmenu\src\com\pathmenu\home —added an extra demo in that navigation showcases setting the curve pattern of the sub menu items