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Tab smart drawer
Move it into hidden block on the left / right or top tooltip / bottom side of the screen with a tab jquery that when you click responsive. Anchor & zindex control support for nicescroll & nanoscroller scrollbar replacement libraries support for the easing animation effects library tabs easy to style slider & customize control functions & events available minimized css & js files documentation plugin contains pdf user guide in the plugin bottom package. Plugin features tab/drawer on left or right side of the screen tab/drawer on top or bottom side of the screen tab/drawer can be open scroll or closed

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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on page load define anchor point for position & resizing the drawer set tab content for open & closed state set tab title to be used for tooltips vertical offset & fixed or absolute position multiple drawers on the touch same page (same or different sides) minimal screen size for activating the drawer control customize animations for open & close of drawer custom sizes. Plugin also has built opacity drawer tab in support for nicescroll & nanoscroller jquery plugins to replace standard scrollbars inside the slider block. Some minor formatting errors in the source file full top left changelog available right on plugins home page