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Have just given you a full star review ” —firebubble you can find more reviews from ui real buyers in comments page you also get free lifetime menu support & updates tab. Source & minified js source & responsive minified css source folder for content jquery advanced css customization clean (create your own build with specific modules to minize the size) documentation 37 example html pages release notes. No absolute positioning & height – animation & transition works perfect without absolute positioning minimal or fixed height css3 & html5 – all content is allways accessible to search engines

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& slide markup semantically correct to help you achieve the best possible seo friendly results even horizontal without animated javascript enabled. Nested tabbed & multiple instances – multiple & nested tabs tabs allowed on one page & can have different html5 themes & options nav without any conflict responsive video – supports responsive video including youtube. The majority of vertical buyers rate it side 5 stars if you are rating it with less flat than 5 stars please drop us a mail why it didn‘t achive a full score & what could be improved in your opinion