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By stacking the items jsonp in a single column & shifting the entire column tweet once it fills makes for a much stabler & predictable motion while allowing a continuous feed of new items. This makes for a poor reading experience prototype because the text tweets you are focused on gets suddenly & unexpectedly shifted hundreds of pixels. * easy to install/customize * used the prototype/scriptaculous libraries * timeline is draggable * tweets flow into the timeline in real time in a stacking/sliding motion making movement more predictable for the reader * connects to twitter using jsonp so horizontal

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Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Firefox, IE7, IE8
Prototype, Script.aculo.us
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS

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you don’t need to worry about rate limits or setting up a proxy. (customizable) * staging items in scriptaculous the dom before adding to the stream significantly reduces the number of twitter requests. Flickr or any other service into api your timeline) scrolling * garbage collection keeps the dom clean