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Desc or asc @ 27 rss jan 2013 added ability to delete timeline elements added a new center column mode video blog added responsive & mobile mode to examples @ 25 jan 2013 initial release  . Fix or dynamic element size each timeline element can have its own width set or use the default social which allows you to have a more creative/unique design gallery for you own timeline. Iframes will have a nice preloading slider before being displayed 3 pre designed themes & super easy to create your own theme file 3 nicely designed themes are included facebook by default. Responsive design (see demo 5)

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timeline also comes with “must have” responsive design which lets it to be displayed on json mobile devices like a champion. Set maximum number to timeline elements to be displayed @ 18 july 2013 added ability to display posts of a facebook page lightbox by providing a page id updated facebook api to work with its latest changes (access token) melonhtml5 updated twitter api service url to the new one @ 02 july 2013 added a new “dateformat” option @ 28 june 2013 updated twitter api to @ 18 feb 2013 added ability to set element order