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Even ie6 multiple instances on the same animating page possible optional autoplay sliding optional custom callback functions for most events user can click a node to start the associated slide user can click the timeline to start the associated slide user can pause/resume the presentation keyboard functionality (space = pause/play) contains fully commented source code contains documentation/help file callback function “start_callback” triggers when the presentation starts. Very customizable by css & plugin options presentation use any type of html / media types inside the slides use bar ste

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ps a global or individual slide interval optionaly show / hide most of the features 4 transition types (fade. A clock jquery plugin that enables you to easily create slideshow presentations showing the progress in an animating timeline timed. New slideshow plugin option “controls_always_visible” causes the options pause/play/previous/next buttons to never hide timer. Including the plugin on your page will turn timeline an unordered list instruction into a slideshow slider with the list items as slides