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Typewriter fancy jquery plugin

Fancy typewriter is a jquery plugin for extraordinary creating stunning menu effects & much more. ’) callback – a menu function that will be typewriter called when the effect has ended. So navigation when you move your mouse over the text. Targettext – a string which contains the target text steps – the number of steps for each letter timebetweensteps – the time in ms for each step autoplay – start the effect automatically(true or false) underscore – set a underscore at the end of the text(true or false) mouseover – enable/disable the mouseenter event. It starts cool from beginning(true or false) type

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– type each letter stunning one after another (true or false) uppercase – add uppercase letters to the typewriter effect (true or false) lowercase – add lowercase letters to the typewriter effect (true or false) numbers – add numbers to the typewriter effect (true or false) customcharacters – a string which contains own characters for the typewriter effect (