Zoom smooth pan viewer image jquery javascript images media

Zoom smooth pan viewer image jquery

[10 jun 2012] responsive & fluid layout support added with adjustable settings a new method added to resize view area any time after initiation landmarks can resize on zoom ios (except ie8 & below) custom alignment – on clicking reset button aligns the image in specified way pan direction can be reversed through settings separate speed settings android for zoom & pan few minor big fixes & few more minor options added. [18 mar 2012] single step zoom – possible to reach maximum & minimum zoom levels in one click touch friendly button size – option to set different button size for touch devices 2 new

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callbacks added – triggers each time the scale / position values updated (on each animation frame) – triggers whenever landmark’s visibility changes ios bugs crop resize fixed – the landmark position related issues on ipad. initial zoom level fluid initial position maximum zoom level minimum zoom level animation smoothness animation speed for zoom animation speed for pan fit map or fill the image enable / disable pan buttons enable / disable pan limitation adjustable scale button size. Alignment & margin button auto viewer hide image & delay time mouse drag / touch drag mouse wheel zoom control mouse cursor location zoom on mouse wheel mouse double click zoom border size. [20 oct 2011] added ability enlarge to control all the button actions from outside the plugin (using your own buttons) landmark added option to responsive remove all the buttons (for the above purpose) source file contains 4 example variations to start customisation easily smoothness varies according to browser capabilities