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1 magento rebuilt management inventory
Low stock notificatiom (featured) allow to update create unlimited rules to generate the low stock notifications (new) show low rebuilt stock notifications for warehouses or/and the whole system on the inventory management panel automatically send emails to notify warehouse extension managers about low stock products filter all products in low stock level when clicking on the notifications allow setting the threshold qty. Of specific products transfer to get low stock notifications use cron jobs to automatically update low stock notifications on schedule allow settings specific time(s) to get low

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stock notifications able to get frequent updates on daily/monthly basis record all low stock notification logs to review details later predict supply needs of products for a specific future period management filter supply needs by warehouse & supplier additional integration provide apis to integrate with external systems (get &. Of products in each warehouse (pro control feature) allow to edit in line shelf location of products in each warehouse (pro feature) create unlimited warehouses according to your physical stock warehouses or physical stores (pro feature) show qty of products &. Of products in warehouse right on the stock listing grid check admin permission when adjusting stock require reason(s) when adjusting stock can import products magestore list via csv low file or choose products manually to adjust stock can save stock adjustments in pending status before changing qty. Etc (new) sales order process allow setting a default warehouse to temporarily subtract inventory stock allocating in sales orders (pro feature) allow to choose which prediction warehouses to ship products when creating shipments for sales orders (pro feature) suggest to create new stock request of lack items in need to ship order (new) allow to view shipped warehouse in shipment (pro feature) allow to choose which warehouses to return items when creating credit memo for sales orders (pro feature) auto create a stock ajustment if refund item without return to stock (new) can view returned warehouse in credit memo (new) others support multi currencies & multi languages (hot) 100% open source license certificate valid for 1 live magento installation & unlimited test magento installations (no license key required)