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2 magento reward extension plus points
  how could reward points shopping plus for magento 2 benefit you? configure earning points reward points plus extension for magento 2 allows your customers to gain points for each transaction refund at your store. The standard edition of the extension will not only help great you reduce all the workload of managing reward point balance but also allow you to implement your refund programs by points as you improve want manage plugin. Full feature list earning points configuration set up the condition for customers to program get reward points each time they purchase set build many earning rates

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with different priority levels set the validation period for earning points choose to hold back points from customers for some days spending points configuration allow customers to choose how many points they want to spend on the shopping cart & checkout pages set the omnichannel rates at which customers can retailer redeem their earning points in backend configure the minimum number of points to be redeemed or the maximum points that can be allowed to use for an order import/export points allow admin to import & export customers’ point balances in csv file format directly to & from reward point loyalty plus system. Customers’ by experience points adjustment it is easy for admins to add or abstract points from customers’ balances manually in the backend of magento 2 reward points plus module. Refund by points ecommerce allow admin to give points back to customers instead of making a refund others solution fully compatible with magento 2 one step checkout support multi website & multi store view click to magestore see how reward points extension for magento