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A booki booking wordpress for plugin
Added firstname+lastname+email in appointment bookings view even if user is not registered and added a new "register user" option in this view that allows to register the user with this patient information directly because booki likes registered doctor users & gives preferential treatment. Additionally make calendars flat & border less or add clinic your own theme supports only english out of the box but you can provide your own lesson translation as teacher. With thumbnail & description along with search filter via shortcode or widget customer views complete booking history customer can cancel

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booking customer can settle unpaid bookings directly from their control panel customer can make booking & pay later (gets an invoice) admin can create up to the minute bookings admin can include/exclude specific days or time when creating a booking set separate costs by the day or time periods add extra billable items to your bookings whose cost adds accommodation up to the booking total admin & editors can approve bookings admin & editors can coach cancel bookings admin can refund bookings admin can receive email when bookings are paid for admin can receive email when new bookings are made create discount coupons & email to user directly mass create discount coupons & export to mailchimp along with user info create new bookings & email them to a new/existing meeting user directly solicit payment by sending invoices for unpaid bookings customize the various email messages the system sends out to customers supports 24 jquery ui calendar themes out of the box. Removed newlines reservation from emails for better interoperability with third party email template hotel calendar plugins because some plugins love to replace newline with br & p elements. Cascading dropdown list (a new form of optionals) includes new ui to create & manage cascades rental behaves just like the optionals but loads booking elements fitness based on parent list selection