Accordions wordpress plugin

Features list drag & drop builder built with accordion bootstrap lightweight & fast fontawesome icon..
Custom posts type supports that will loads any wordpress post types to load in accordion panel. Excl..
Or add whatever suites your animated plugin needs best with a custom html type touch card. Accodrion..
Tabs with scroll & url hash check slider css3 out wordpress the features clean design & commented co..
You can now change slider the color of the strip text version (07/07/2015) new feature. You can now ..
For example you fade can put slideshow youtube or vimeo video in it. Compatible with testimonial lat..
Features responsive multiple categories categories with description 9 sorting options for questions ..
Optional to put page the parallax alive in your wordpress frontend dot. Optional welcome to css3 dis..
Next previous posts & simple numeric pagination responsive archive posts accordion panel 13 various ..
Exclude certain category from accordion panel that you do product not want to display on fronted vie..
The video panel product provides a field to add the video embed code & a field for a text caption th..
Smart tab has been developed with bootstrap framework with themexpert. Features smart tab is respons..
Ll receive accordion automatic updates directly in your dashboard just like any tables plugin that y..
Keva tabs is a responsive customization horizontal / vertical tabs & accordion. A href=”#” class=”zk..
Responsive wordpress retina ready (font awesome integrated) the ability to open font-awesome tabs wi..