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Embed ad with id 25 [ad 25 w500] limits the width of the ad with advertising id 25 to 500px you can embed an ad zone like this (while ## is the id of the zone). You are a blogger who wants to earn some extra money by including ad-manager advertising into your posts or your sidebar? someone who wants to setup ads in a simple & effective way? wordpress ad manager offers you a simple solution to implement advertising into your posts. Embed ad zones zone with id ads 5 [ad z5 h200] limits the height of the displayed ad to 200px [ad z5 w500 h200] limits the width of the displayed ad to 500px & the

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height to 200px as a developer. [ads w500] limits the width to 500px [ads adsense h200] limits the height to 200px [ads w500 h200] limits the width to 500px & the height to 200px to include a specific ad. Url to the installation wordpress admin username & ad-zones password ftp credentials – 7th september 2013 fix problem with some wordpress installations where the “insert into post” button wouldn’t work – 27th february 2013 fix error that breaks the admanager