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Analytics google ecommerce data
Install google analytics debugger (get it from here ) make a test purchase from your site & stay on the success page while on the conversions success page enable google analytics debugger & fire up the js console (ctrl + shift + j on windows) you should be able to see everything that is getting pushed to google analytics deep. Order id (transaction id in google analytics language) store name tracking order total (grand total revenue in google analytics language) shipping value tax value for each product within the order. Unfortunately there is no integration for the ecommerce part of google analytics

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OpenCart 1.5.6.x

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& your are probably getting this message conversion if you enable ecommerce data. If you want to use the old code this add on can be modified shop (i can do it for you) but i really suggest using the new universal analytics data code. Order id (the order the product is part of) name (the name of the product) sku (product model / unique code) price (the price ecommerce of this product alone) quantity (the quantity of this particular product that was ordered) of course all this is in addition to your normal google analytics tracking e-commerce