Builder frontend assembler content wordpress utilities

Builder frontend assembler content wordpress

Two fourths + one half one half + two fourths five fifths fixed module deleting fixed sortable controls fixed vertical option on slider shortcode fixed borders on search shortcode assembler theme font no longer affects the interface fixed iframe width included plugin description fixed 275 php error builder fixed column cloning fixed button not opening new tab links included hover icon size for image shortcode all images used in the preview are only for demo purposes & not included with the custom theme package. Pot file included shortcode id's for hash tag linking (global options / show css

Builder frontend assembler content wordpress install

Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP

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controls must be on to display id & class controls) included id's for tabs composer (tabs can be linked through hash tag) fixed drag cms function (dragged elements aren't dislocated any more) fixed shortcode menu scroll bar fixed edit page refresh problems fixed issues with builder controls duplicating fixed pricing table heading css updated. Pot file optimized load time fixed bug when builder sometimes doesn't load lowered builder disc space consumption included pricing clone table typography fixed pricing table responsive fixed control hiding system included new row types fixes made for anivia included pricing table shortcode optimized edit page optimized database queries restructured column html/css fixed translation issues fixed issues with scripts in text/html shortcode fixed issues with shortcodes inside of tabs/accordion fixed minor css issues included scroll on select dropdown menu included search option for select control included multiselect control fixed wordpress seo by yoast compatibility issues fixed video shortcode width posts are now searchable fixed html tags fixed responsive fixed saving of theme shortcodes & html elements fixed tabs shortcode css fixed wpms tables fixed builder icon padding content is now saved in native wordpress db tables included custom css field in the backend & custom class inputs for shortcdoes replaced admin bar text buttons frontend with builder icon button optimized backend option saving fixed default colors fixed plugin page uri fixed backend save button loader fixed password protected pages included wordpress editor (tinymce) included color for heading shortcodes included link & link type options for slider fixed rounded nav menu fixed nav menu fonts fixed drop down menu z index fixed content overlapping controls deactivated text decoration on font gliphs scripts are now located in the footer (no more jquery is not a function bug) included wordpress admin bar buttons. Padding background color parallax background column background wordpress column drop padding row class & row id improved redirect functions included set_options function for developers included lightbox iframe width & height for all links included default bottom margin option in the backend fixed image positioning fixed input css fixed number control updated. Included "fixed height" option included "trigger active color" option drag included "title active color" option tabs no longer display as unordered list add new row button fixed fixed font size on shrotcode control bars fonts no longer require http visual to load (no more 342 error if your http requests are disabled) typography section optimized server side (it will take less time