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Js libraries location updated jquery issue fixed popup map search widget improved documentation updated & some other minor improvements & updates… – 03/24/2013 activation problem fixed buy premium text added after company save when “only premium” option active & some other minor improvements – 02/01/2013 update mesages on company edit page. Fixed premium end column added to admin company list & some other minor improvements & updates… – 12/10/2012 admin email notifications feature map (when new company added). Fixed – 12/03/2012 what? where? search widget added ‘address’ if clause added aft

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WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6
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er registration redirect added search engine improved ‘custom map’ improved ‘user dashboard’ improved (no more popups) location based search widget improved js scripts & styles upgraded & improved new line issue on the single company page fixed captcha removed & some other minor improvements & updates… – 09/29/2012 404 issue fixed adsense & some minor improvements… – 08/31/2012 company export tool added rss feed template added – 08/24/2012 folder issue fixed jquery version (category checkbox) issue fixed alphabetical order feature added – 08/03/2012 csv importport issues fixed & auto find map location feature added template engine added folder issues improved seo issues fixed premium widget unclosed div tag issue fixed zip issues improved & some other improvements… – 05/25/2012 categories widget dropdown issue fixed csv import image issue fixed local update issue fixed – 05/13/2012 auto update feature added csv importer “security check failed” problem fixed with front option added to slugs http problem on user dashboard fixed zip added to fronted address line user dashboard images section renewed seo options added & some other improvements… – 04/30/2012 csv importer tool added custom maps shortcode added auto locality function renewed image&logo upload section moved to top & some other improvements… support email. – 07/01/2013 select as logo issue fixed continuously email sending on company save issue fixed – 06/19/2013 404 error on big popup map fixed auto find map location feature added company owner changer added back to dashboard link added when company saved image section not disappear even if disable images directory issue fixed auto locality service provider changed to you must get a username to use this feature. Premium membership (paypal) location based search internationalization csv import with auto map location finder category & term based search qr code builtin theme editor microformats business support logo & images maps google adsense on maps 6 widgets categories tag cloud location based company search what? where? search premium companies recent companies social link support tag & category support phone & fax pattern easy to use fully customizable – 09/12/2013 wordpress update fix