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Calculators scalc charts custom and
[scalc type=?hourlyrate?] [scalc wordpress type=?investment?] [scalc type=?annuity?] all basic facebook settings & colors are made by the calculators scalc settings in the settings panel. Key features three calculators with bar charts & table data five custom chart types for visualizing table data export & mailing functions for all calculators & charts facebook sharing for custom charts (facebook app id necessary) different chart types for calculators chart data table can be hidden pie all charts are responsive multilingual with. Posts or widgets (if your widgets supports radar shortcodes) important

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export links examples & info custom chart examples installation calculator shortcodes custom chart shortcodes installation the download archive contains to plugins. [schart type="line" symbol="?" height="300" width="200" show_table="1"] here is the place for custom the table. Scalcs generates three different interactive plugin financial calculator & sharing custom charts which are generated from tables