Cards flipping 3d wordpress utilities

Cards flipping 3d wordpress

When you do a mouseover on an auto flipping card it will not flip as long as you click have the mouse over the card > update. Add a feature that allow you to add third party shortcodes inside the cards flipping card add a flipping card to your posts or pages with wordpress this shortcode. Add also a fallback of a fade multiple effect for browsers that not support css3d like old versions of hover chrome & firefox. [flippingcard] [fc_front] here goes the html rotation for the front part 3d of the flipping card [/fc_front] [fc_back] here goes the html for the back part of the flipping card [/fc_back]

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Chrome, Firefox, Safari
WordPress 3.5
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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[/flippingcard] note. [flippingcard direction="right" type="over" float="left" margin="0 10px 10px 0" width="300px" effects height="300px" css border="1px solid gray" borderradius="10px" background="white" events padding="20px" textalign="center"]