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Filter added for default category name – cartogram_no_category_name = = added – default filters (see available filters above) fix – last location in category grouped list not in group fix – some images in gallery not appearing in lightbox = = fix – general bug fixes = = fix – marker images not showing on first load fix – no error when location list doesn’t link to location without a marker added – ability to turn off dragging on touch screen devices for a map you may need to remove drawing overlay the frame if you click the live preview link. View all facilities (default – locations) cartogra

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m_settings_capabilities – the capability level of a user allowed to see the cartography settings of the plugin (default – manage_options) cartogram_thumbnail_size – the built in wordpress image size marker used for the lightbox images (default – thumbnail) cartogram_lightbox_size – the built in wordpress image size used for the thumbnail in the info window (default – large) cartogram_locations_wrapper_start – start of the wrapper for the whole locations list (default – ) cartogram_locations_category_title_start – when grouping by category the category name will be output after this filters. Another parameter of $custom_image will be available which is the custom google marker image of the location (default – ) cartogram_locations_item_end – end of an item (default – ) cartogram_locations_container_end – end of the list (default – ) cartogram_locations_category_content_end – end of the content of a category group of locations. Off) cartogram_custom_marker_image – default image for custom marker map (default – ) cartogram_custom_marker_shadow – default image for custom marker shadow (default – ) cartogram_info_window_thumb – default for info window thumbnail (default – off. Off) general settings google maps api key custom css automatic upgrades full documentation changelog = = new – draw on your locations with lines (polylines) new – auto updates powered by fix – internet explorer 8 issues fix – show all of info window with a thumbnail when clicked added – category list