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Fixed missing background image size setting for row parallax added option for row background image to select which wordpress image size should be used added option for row background to use single color background with full width breakout extended row & column extensions settings are now disabled by default to avoid possible conflicts with other extension plugins (can be activated in plugin settings) added modal option to. Elements version content flip lightbox box now accepts html code for additional formatting icon box now accepts html code for additional formatting added option for google pie

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CSS, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9

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& donut charts to select different label content for slices added option for bar chart to stack values added option for creating column chart added option for geomap chart to select geographic region added 60+ viewport animations to columns & rows added parallax effect (up elements. Content flip box & hover image fixed issue where title alignment for icon title (left / right icon) does not get applied correctly version added new image picstrips element added new image caman composer element changes to backend to make it easier for theme authors to incorporate plugin timeline style 2 can now be used without the date section some improvements to css fixed some spelling errors version fixed error with link target in pricing tables version fixed issue with image lightbox where no image src was applied fixed issue where responsive image width for image with overlay was not correctly applied changed height to min height for content flip box added option to select different speeds for standard content flip box animation changed google charts to be responsive to changes in screen dimensions added donut google chart option added option to position legend for google charts added option to forcible load plugins main css & js files on all pages tooltip added option to load icon font css files on all pages. Element improved how required css / js files are loaded when page can not be scanned for shortcode fixed css error with icon padding & border in mozilla firefox fixed backlight issue with gallery lightbox other css & js improvements version fixed error with missing js file that prevents element settings to work properly css3 added option to assign custom alt value to images other minor visual fixes version added option to automatically set height for content flip box or use fixed height added new. Matching element improved loading of plugin files on back/front end to increase site performance added option to completely disable undesired elements (to improve back end performance) added option to load google lightbox files on all pages added option to load tooltip files timeline on all pages added option to load active icon font files on all pages other css & js improvements version fixed error with social icons (