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Strips out others when displaying in integration wordpress) update – november 22 2013 vb5 fix for updating last post on forum homepage fix for ‘comment order’ descending option & ‘ignore first post’ options being used together fix for nested bbcodes. – november 13 2013 vb5 bug fixes (custom avatars) fixed display issues with merged threads added ‘comment order’ option to do vbulletin newest first/oldest first display – october 25 2013 improved vb5 support (bug fixes) fixed ampersand in post title issue comments (all versions) added vb5 support for custom avatars update – october 24 2013 the

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re are a few minor bugs for vb5 support. – mar 30 2013 added display settings to control output text/language added quote wordpress post feature to automatically insert some wordpress text into vbulletin thread automatically create vbulletin post for old posts added compatibility mode added initial release the following features are under forum consideration for future releases. ) configurable options for custom avatars creates matching forums vbulletin threads for you when you add a new wordpress post creates a trackback link in vbulletin thread to your wordpress post with quote from your wordpress post configurable language settings multisite support bbcode support (displays quote. Register wordpress account creates vbulletin account anonymous posting from wordpress to vbulletin auto login to vbulletin from wordpress post for direct commenting direct integration into community wordpress comments array ( *this is not possible via plugin alone but can implemented with modification to wordpress theme due to wordpress limitations )