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This howdidyoufindus extension seamlessly integrates a new area into your opencart checkout & registration us page did. Quickly howdidyoufind where assess the find results with clear graphs that visually display the results in an admin panel how. Learn about how people discover your website checkout use this information from for marketing purposes registeration learn what marketing tactics are working. Use to google collect all sorts of different relevant howdidyouhear data other than just how a customer found you. From where are your customers hear finding your website? want to narrow in on how your customers are finding your website? google howdidyouhearaboutus heard analytics can’t determine if word of mouth was the referral

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OpenCart 1.5.5, OpenCart 1.5.5.x, OpenCart 1.5.6.x, OpenCart 1.5.x, OpenCart 2.0.x, OpenCart 2.1.x, OpenCart 2.2.0.x, OpenCart 2.3.0.x

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