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For bookshelf addon flipbook real3d
No flash player needed to run smart page loading – only current pages are loaded choose between realistic webgl mode & interactive css3d mode show all shelf pages – thumbnails table magazines of content – customizable advanced zooming support with mouse wheel zoom on desktop. Videos & music… visual composer online (wpbakery page builder) integration integrate real3d flipbook with visual composer using real3d flipbook for wpbakery page builder (formerly visual composer) addon addon enables you to add / edit flipbooks as visual composer alements.   full feature list realistic 3d page turn animatio

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n customizable animation speed & transition type book rotation in real3d 3d customizable scene lights responsive design optimized for mobile flip – look & feel of a native app on mobile with touch swipe. You can customize shelf image shelf background color cover size cover margin cover align cover shadow page book shelf graphics are bookshelf included & provided by shapingrain real3d flipbook for wordpress #1 best selling flipbook plugin the most powerful pdf &. Lightbox (popup) mode with lightbox mode you can put a text link or an image link anywhere on your site & by clicking on a link the flipbook will be opened in a lightbox