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Added shortcode buttons to the visual direct editor – 06 june 2013 – updated gocardless libraries to version & included an admin page for one off bills – 10 may 2013 – updated gocardless libraries to version – 13 march 2013 – pre authorizations added & admin area improvements – 18 february 2013 – recurring added styling class to transaction payment link – 16 online january 2013 – subscriptions management added – 12 october 2012 – initial release tested & working great with wordpress. Visit plugin the demo site where you can integrate see how easy it is to set up & pay with gocardless & follo

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WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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w a transaction through the payment system. The gocardless plugin is implemented via 2 shortcodes – one for creating the payment link & the other to one-off subscriptions confirm successful paypal payment. The gocardless for wordpress plugin allows you to easily integrate wp gocardless’ low cost 1% payment alternative system with your wordpress processing website. Gocardless debit for wordpress includes a comprehensive admin payments area where you can set up & payment test your gocardless account with your wordpress website