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For sabaidirectory wordpress

New php constant sabai_wordpress_page_param to map allow modifying the page request store parameter “p” to avoid geolocation conflict with other plugins added. New php constant sabai_wordpress_session_transient to locations use wp reviews fields transients in replace of php sessions for sites having issues with sessions added. Add new or claim existing listings post reviews of listings with 1 5 star rating system upload photos of listings comment on reviews & photos vote reviews helpful/non helpful vote custom up photos & comments bookmark listings. Bookmarks by user unlimited hierarchical cat

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WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7

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egories custom map styles & marker icon create multiple directories paid listings with custom pricing plans manage payment orders flexible role based permission system microdata support contact listing owners via contact us form geolocation csv importer rtl language support 27 customizable e mail notifications 7 custom google map monetize styles 7 widgets 8 shortcodes search business locator listings by keywords. Csv importer add on (directorycsvimport) improved map rendering performance on paypal ajax requests improved file upload error to display more detailed message instaed of just “upload failed” improved image files can now be uploaded without fileinfo or maps mime_content_type functions removed