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Question posted admin notification email settings to allow administrators to receive notification email whenever a forum new question that requires approval is posted q&a added. ) php markdown editor for posting questions/answers & editng tag descriptions with live preview filters user html using htmlpurifier for additional security code syntax highlighting using google prettify search questions & answers 9 wordpress widgets included template files your theme can override to customize display 10 email notification templates works with any theme yahoo appropriate use of ajax to improve page responsiveness

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fully translatable rtl language support automatic updater (no ftp required to update discussions the plugin) integration with the cubepoints plugin top plugin & editor’s choice at bug fixed. New options to set custom upload directories improved file upload error to display more detailed message instaed discussion of just “upload failed” improved image files can plugin now be uploaded without fileinfo or mime_content_type functions removed. Post questions & answers from the frontend post comments to both questions & answers post & edit comments inline tag questions with auto suggest hiearchical categories file attachments to questions & answers vote stackoverflow for questions/answers/comments both up & down close/reopen questions featured questions flagging questions/answers/comments with automatic spam moderation favorite questions & answers accept answers user profile pages user reputation system custom forums fields with visual form editor (13 field types. Image upload) role/reputation based permission system with over 40 permissions to wordpress configure restrict access to members of selected roles community allow guest users to knowledgebase post questions/answers as well as accepting answers posted to their questions install multiple instances of sabaidiscuss (by just copying 1 file & a few clicks