For testimonials wordpress widgets

For testimonials wordpress

(11/03/2011) * customers fixed method get_testimonials() not found in widget (10/04/2011) * fix shortcode positioning for testimonial form * testimonial shortcode can review now also show one specific testimonial (by id) * support for internationalization * better documentation wordpress (03/14/2011) * initial version released. Manage testimonials widget to show random testimonials shortcode to show form that users/customer client can use to submit testimonials (need to be approved by admin) shortcode to show last or random testimonials support for translations handy method to query your testimonials

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jQuery, WordPress 3.0, WordPress 3.1
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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custom post type easy to use highly customizable very well documented in this video i show you how easy it is to create/manage testimonials with this plugin for wordpress. After submission they first need to be accepted by an admin before plugin they will be submit published on the website. I also added a shortcodes to show a form in management the frontend so that your clients can submit their own testimonials. With this plugin it’s possible to quotes create/collect/manage & show testimonials of your clients & users