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Changelog added options page arg to disable restore added filter fluent/options/page/$option_name/restore/message to options page added filter fluent/options/page/$option_name/saved/message to options page added action fluent/options/page/$option_name/restore/messages to options page added action fluent/options/page/$option_name/saved/messages to options page added category messages array to options page args to allow custom message on save notice. Not for group fields added export field added fluent/options/save filter to allow alteration of values before save added import field added ability

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, JavaScript JS, LESS, PHP
WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9

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to save fields as on there own in the database for querying added javascript change event on color field selection added grunt curl task for fetching google page fonts data (only done through grunt & data saved in file. Loaded google fonts with preview (google taxonomy fonts are loaded on hover of selection to reduce page load times) renamed to for a better demo removed demo class in favour of using the file to save duplication boxes of code. Save button & save box area added filter fluent/options/page/$option_name/save/button to options page added options page args to hide the last updated text added action fluent/options/page/$option_name/save on save added fluent_post_type class for post type creation added fluent_taxonomy class for taxonomy creation added image select field type user enabled network options pages author fixed nested enqueue bug removed unused files updated git url in file added role lock on sections added capability lock on sections added. Javascript event moved sortable group javascript to be run on created_fields event moved panel localize variables to base options class restructured javascript required functions making it easier to meta extend in the future fixed default value for select element added role lock on fields added capability lock on fields updated & demo class to include new field & section options fixed required fields showing errors on restore action added conditional display to fields based on field value(s)