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Gallery social wordpress plugin viewer photo

Nosocialgallery defaults added integration with justified image grid added swipe gestures [experimental] for mobile added download image link functionality added automatic update checking added "share your options with developer" functionality added stronger css rules to social gallery css resets sg to appear the same throughout your differing themes added automatic nextgen compatability features added nextgen gallery overview mode added nextgen widget only mode added nextgen thumbnails mode added nextgen compatability mode added gallery compatability mode added compatability mode added page

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
Yes - HD Ready, FullHD
WordPress 3.0, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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images mode updated post images mode updated help documentation fixed a bug with disqus script inclusion several minor fixes added disqus commenting added option to toggle faces on facebook like/send button added loading image added social links to config header added capacity to override facebook app id added showcase links added upgrade routine (>) fixed pinterest bug fixed alignment of images bug improved documentation numerous tiny tweaks & refactoring. To stop scrapers + prettify fixed bug in social crawler fixed a bug with social gallery pages "title" attribute fixed a bug with facebook app id's incfbappid fixed bug in mobile detector fixed sharedeck "undefined" issue fixed "http" > "https" bug for twitter script include [thank you david wilks] fixed bug where tweet links to page (now links to social gallery page or fallback) fixed bug where g+ links to page (now links to social gallery page or fallback) fixed bug in single social gallery image template fixed options in single social gallery image template responsive fixed options in fixed bug in title attribution all titles should display correctly now fixed "x" close character overlap with scroll bar fixed broken link (aka "you do not have sufficient perm. Html per images [thanks firsh] added on/off for "disable social gallery wordpress per post/page" feature to settings added capacity to properly save "" templates wrote a proper options model/class wrote a "backup" routine for settings wrote migration to new options model settings model complete with new upgrade plugin path made settings page remember your tab when you save settings (persistent galleries tabs) formally removed option "include swipe" [experimental feature] improved add on install validation + styling moved "tweet via" to settings page allowing you to set your own tweet via @ moved facebook app id to be included next to "include fb source" in settings tweaked facebook app id label updated pinterest share code in line with there latest code despite pinterests' lack of compatability i have written a custom workaround implemented "custom css" via front end implemented total disabling of social gallery per post/page. Delay for social media stat updates added addon finding functionality added "addons" to settings screen added field retrieval for social stats added viewing of individual images via admin area (for comment moderation) added facebook comment validation added social gallery page awareness to viewer + social gallery page template added mobiledetect engine added options on/off for mobile switch/option added "devices" page to settings added on/off breakdown for mobile & tablets added tablet option for mobile switch added settings for mobile addon added overrides for mobile addon added awareness of mobile addon added option "custom css" for overriding sg default css added "disable social gallery per post/page" meta boxes to posts/pages added esc_attr ready titles you can now include encoded html in your titles [thanks firsh] added capacity to specify html descriptions per image via html5 data attributes added esc_attr html twitter ready descriptions. >> improvement of social gallery auto update core >> readiness for wordpress >> improvement to auto update >> fix to social gallery page template >> code added for auto load >> outsourced for quicker updates >>fix where plugin slug was mentioning sgvideo >>css fixes to mobile lightbox >>adding settings options for fb share & jig overlay >>improved css in certain areas >>improved stability when fb is not defined >> update for verified plugin >> minor bug fixes & improvements epic automatic update core built into the plugin license code verification bug fixes & improvements stable base for future versions future versions handled through epic automatic updates >> image tagging of the lightbox photos *new* >> face detection of faces in images *new* >> mobile lightbox included in *new* >> image scanner now scans custom posts *new* >> social shortcodes pinterest now included in *new* >> live social stats on images included in *new* >> welcome page with support resources *new* >> google analytics image views tracked *new* >> social analytics basic functionality added *new* >> socialsmart basic functionality added *new* >> facebook share button added *new* >> nextgen compatibile *fix* >> justified image grid load more compatibility *fix* >> tumblr share button fixed when using social gallery pages *fix* >> image scanner improved to be more stable & pick up all nextgen images *fix* improved theme compatibility 'out of the box' stronger image scanner which runs more reliably changed references of "get_bloginfo('wpurl')" to "site_url()" fixed a javascript bug in with justified image grid (jig) titles fixed a bug which didn't show/hide "specific css selector" option