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By using our metrics plugin you save hours of time in implementing magento complex google analytics code & instead focus on tracking generating actionable insights from your data. Getting form discount data in ga can actually help you in strategizing the discounts by analyzing the impact it is causing google on the product demand & custom other key metrics payment method. What grouping level of discounts universal generates conversion understand which ecommerce payment methods are most widely used ? learn promotion more about time taken to make purchase decision by customer carry out surveys to

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understand users. Actionable dimensions google analytics is a magento extension which allows you to use some of the most important field features of refund universal analytics including enhanced ecommerce. Easy installation access to 10 reports of enhanced ecommerce shopping behaviour report checkout behaviour report product performance report sales performance report product list performance report internal promotion report order coupon report product coupon report extension affiliate code report learn about how different devices are used content by same user