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Re requesting all visitors who purchased or not maps to send us features they want to see in next version. Copy styles from & paste in general setting on/off street view on/off visual refresh control setting show/hide pan control position of pan control show/hide zoom control position of zoom control show/hide map type control position of map type control show/hide scale control position of scale control show/hide street view google control position of street view control show/hide overview control position of overview control layers setting show/hide kml layers show/hide kmz layers show/hide traffic

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WordPress 4.0, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.2

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layers show/hide transit layers show/hide weather layers setup wind unit for weather layers setup temperature unit for weather layers listing setting show/hide markers below the map. Happily announcing support desk for our valuable customer to engaged with multiple plugin support desk person for fast turnout. Add any number of markers without worrying about latitude & longitude & widget get instant preview before save. General setting map width map height zoom level map type center latitude center longitude on/off scroll wheel on/off map draggable map styles