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You can see how long ago the prices were updated & pricing information on this item from other resources (from product pages or market grid manage products). With the latest version you may also add new external websites dynamically but price extension grabber is not guaranteed to work with all sort of websites so it might need additional customization for your requirements. Version & compatibility price grabber extension version is compatible with magento community edition version & guaranteed to store work with magento default theme. Features you can set links to the external websites & check

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Magento 2.1.0, Magento 2.1.1, Magento 2.1.2, Magento 2.1.3, Magento 2.1.4, Magento 2.1.5, Magento 2.1.6, Magento 2.1.7, Magento 2.1.8

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their validity you can see the prices of competitors in a convenient format the opportunity to set the lowest prices on assignment rule the extension also allows to update the prices manually opportunity plugin to specify the rule that calculates the minimal price extension automatically notifies you of error (problem with tags or improperly installed external links) an opportunity to add & configure the block of price comparisons in the frontend administration &. There you can set magento links to shop external site also you can see a time when product has been updated you can check the validity of the link in the pricegrabber grid with the “check link” button