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Repeat y & no repeat mode for grid gallery elements added new option to set minimum height of masonry content containers per grid added option to choose background fit for skins & for each item added option to choose background magento position for skins & for each item added option to choose background repeat for skins & for each item improved grid drawing processes to get smoother & quicker results improved lazy slider load speed & processes added width. Grid example posts” (slug remains the same so instagram no posts are lost) backend ajax request visualisation moved media poster settings n

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ext to media source for better understanding moved global settings to an own submenu bugfixes highly improved loading speed for big amounts of elements in grid added a few fixes which will prevent the extension from beeing broken if invalid html markup is added to item skins fixed a bug where the search may not work in custom based grids fixed a bug where wpml could not translate the widget title lightbox will foto now work properly if global caching is enabled fixed a bug where the & relation for posts may not work properly fixed woocommerce add to portfolio cart bug fixed a bug in shortcode generator where in a custom grid. Fixed dropdown zindex issues where dropdown buttons was overlapping each other fixed dropdown click event handling on mobile devices fixed media zoom effect bug where media disappears after mouse leave event fixed offset not working if used in “additional parameters” fixed a bug where the custom class was missing the post id for custom css rules fixed a bug where removing the image in custom grids was not possible fixed a bug where multiple quick grids would not show up fixed a bug with loading ajax content in combination with visual composer removed title attributes from backend input fields photo to prevent conflicts with other extensions fixed woocommerce bug introduced in latest woocommerce version infinity scroll issue fixed after swapping between filters fixed bug where videos disappeared after sorting the sinle items in grid essential grid in ajax container fails to navigate between contents due a sector failure has been fixed fixed bugs in video api where videos were not stopping / playing based on user interactions fixed disappearing video contents during playback & filter callbacks fixed gallery. To import demo grids for social streams added support for only selecting a post type without category or tag added option to add filter that are not selected as an taxonomy added support for all common media revolution qtranslate extensions added filters & actions in the whole extension added option to change the custom post type name/handle through filters added new source type “streams” (fetch youtube. Product based detail lightbox fixed html5 videos for lightbox fixed html5 video sizing issues in lightbox fixed cobbles jumping effect on filter change fixed gallery height issues on filter change by cobbles & masonry elements fixed issue with responsive showing similiar elements multipe times in lightbox fixed thumbnail size issues in lightbox fixed fullscreen slide out skin issues fixed missing thumbnails in lightbox for html5 videos getting started with essential full-width grid is incredibly easy