Grid fx ultimate grid wordpress for plugin galleries

Grid fx ultimate grid wordpress for plugin

Dark extended version (29 sep 2013) * added category support to media library (attachments) * added option to create a gallery from any category (or categories) in media library * added support to create galleries from any custom taxonomy term or multiple categories version (28 sep 2013) * fixed choppy overlay title animation ajax * added a nice cursor to overlay title version (27 sep 2013) * added excerpt support with custom length * smoother photos content slides & animation version (26 sep 2013) * added multiple filters support (taxonomies) * added sort results menu optional to front end

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WooCommerce 1.6.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x
Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
Yes - HD Ready, FullHD
WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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* improved category/taxonomy dropdown filters to handle wordpress more categories * added new filters dropdown on the front end * improved clearing of tag/term filters version (25 sep 2013) * added option to enable/disable cropped images in quick/full view besides grid view * added option to make fullview image link to post. Light responsive compact * added option to allow opening fancybox image directly & disable quick view * added option to allow going to post url & disable quick view version (3 oct 2013) * added postids support to make a grid or gallery from specific posts by their ids (supports all post types) * added quick gridfx feature to create grids instantly from your categories & custom taxonomies * make a grid from any set of posts. Dailymotion * added transparent option to make plugin background match your theme optionally * added option to control the top margin of your grid items container version (21 sep 2013) * added option to make full mode image link to post instead of fancybox * added support to show custom field in full/quick view * woocommerce price display in quick view * fixed theme compatibility issues * fixed minor bug version (20 sep 2013) * improved overlay content css & display * added html support to wall description version (20 sep 2013) * added many flexible options to portfolio link to original post / permalink from grid * added option to enable number/money format on numeric custom field values * added gallery option to add custom css to the overlay title in grid * minor css improvements version (19 sep 2013) * added option to enable equal image heights optionally * added option to crop images. Or complete pagination use a custom placeholder optionally if your post does not have an image clean html templates to fully customize the look of grid template if you want to do so builtin woocommerce support do you have woocommerce? do isotope you want to show your products using the grid fx special woocommerce support? you showcase do not need to set tons of options. Ability to create unlimited skins/colors for the plugin instant lightbox integration with woocommerce using a simple setup using the shortcode generator or this little markup [gridfx integrate="woocommerce"] you can embed the grids using php instead of shortcodes by doing so