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* fixed minor bug where the background shape field sometimes became hidden version * fixed backward compatibility issue version * now supports visual composer version version * fixed bug where php error notices were showing up when wp_debug is false version * fixed bug where php errors regarding shortcode an undefined variable was showing up version * fixed bug where a fatal error occurred when the titan framework plugin is activated version * fixed bug builder where shapes were not displaying correctly in firefox version * added. (should be called 9k icons) * fixed bug ultimate where setting the

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, JavaScript JS, LESS, PHP
WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9

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background shape from something to none font resulted in the hover effect still showing * fixed bug where searching for an icon sometimes shows blank icons * fixed bug where the search filter drop down didn't display correctly in firefox * fixed bug where the icon list didn't show up correctly in firefox * removed silk icons due to licensing terms version * now works in the visual composer frontend editor * fixed bug where in some instances. Only the css of the used icon sets are enqueued integrates well with visual composer simple interface very easy to use can page be easily aligned with your content can be turned into links includes full detailed fields icon sets 105 loops by pranav (105 icons) 50 mini icons by victor erixon (50 icons) 80 shades of white icons by victor erixon (80 icons) any old icon by ian yates (69 icons) batch by adam whitcroft (361 icons) brandico by fontello (45 icons) brankic1979 by brankic1979 (350 icons) broccolidry by visual idiot (108 icons) clear icons by addon appzgear (100 icons) countricons by freepik (194 icons) cuticons by vaibhav bhat (69 icons) dripicons by amit jakhu (95 icons) eco ico by matthew skiles (40 icons) elusive icons by aristath (271 icons) entypo by daniel bruce (283 icon) fat icons by designerz base (60 icons) file formats by freepik (176 icons) font awesome by dave gandy (360 icons) fontelico by fontello (34 icons) foundation icons. Onori (172 icons) ionicons by drifty (525 icons) ligature symbols by kazuyuki motoyama (251 icons) line icon set by situ herrera (122 icons) line icons by elegant themes (100 icons) linecons by sergey shmidt (48 icons) maki by mapbox (63 icons) map icons by scott de jonge (170 icons) meteocons by alessio atzeni (47 icons) mfg labs by mfg labs (153 icons) mobile phones by freepik (200 icons) modern pictograms by john caserta (91 icons) monosocialicons font by ivan drinchev (288 icons) moon phase 1 by freepik (27 vector icons) multimedia by freepik (52 icons) openweb icons by matthias pfefferle (81 icons) payment cards by freepik (70 icons) payment logos by freepik (69 icons) silkcons by vaibhav bhat (116 icons) simpleicon business by simpleicon (123 icons) simpleicon ecommerce by simpleicon (96 icons) simpleicon places by simpleicon (62 icons) stateface by propublica (53 icons) steadysets by tommy sahl (136 icons) typicons by stephen hutchings (90 + 308 icons) universal 08 by freepik (91 icons) universal 12 by freepik (90 icons) using gesture by mobiletuxedo (24 icons) video games by freepik (46 icons) weather icons by erik flowers (91 4k icons) web symbols by just be nice studio (85 icons) webhostinghub glyphs by webhostinghub (. Icon heights displayed wrong * fixed bug where not selecting a shape color gave out a warning * added instructions on how to use the icon search area version * fixed bug that prevented the new element from showing up in theme embedded copies of visual composer version * fixed bug that prevented the new element from showing up in theme embedded copies of visual composer * updated titan vc framework * updated shortcode extension for titan framework