Image google scraper wordpress for plugin utilities

Image google scraper wordpress for plugin

This should prevent plugin from posting same images twice keywords memory system enabled wordpress – plugin now remembers used keywords. So you can use the same keyword multiple times & you will not get posting duplicate content 1/2/2013 – version fixed improper use of “title” attribute in img element in default options added new shortcode to 3.5 auto post template – now you can credit image source documentation updated version updated higher quality screenshots added 1/1/2013 – version. /17/2013 – version option added for scraper autopost status (you can set post to auto publish or save as dr

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WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7

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aft) option added for multiple authors choice (random author will be assigned to post) fixed media metadata error 2/9/2013 – version option added for filtering images based on image licence auto tagging added with support for shortcodes & spinning optional safe search parameter introduced 2/3/2013 – version fixed error where post would be assigned to uncategorized added option for manual file name template added option for manual scraping automated improved compatibility with data fetching for some hosts documentation updated 1/14/2013 – version content spinning enabled – you can now post unique textual content for each post by using spintax format {keyword 1|keyword 2|keyword3} results filtering system – search results will now be filtered for duplicate content to return more unique results. Without you moving a finger? this plugin is a great tool for anyone looking to autograb & autopost content from google images based on his own keywords. All of plugin the grabbed scraping images are stored autocontent on your server using secured wp filesystem api meaning you get to keep images for as long as you want powerful options