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Images responsive generator loader

Which no images should be generated media for when responsive bulk generating images to illustrate your website will truly become faster take a look at breakpoints this calculation. ) works out of the box for all new uploads optimal default settings are automatically loaded on activation images placed inside the content of all post types are automatically made responsive media library integration makes it very easy to generate smaller images for already uploaded images retina images are automatically lazy generated & loaded rigl will load images to best fit the screen width & the faster pixel

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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ratio of the viewing device supports a responsive image shortcode to make images outside the post content responsive website easily manage image sizes & breakpoints bulk generate images & delete generated images filtered by date see for each image which smaller versions are available/missing generate per image size. Version 15 05 2013 fixed unwanted fast deletion of other plugin/theme/wp generated images when an rigl generated image with same dimensions was retina deleted library. Per image or select ready a bulk of images to generate images for using ajax (without a page wordpress reload) select images sizes which should be ignored. ×48kb = 960kb > 2400 – 960 = you save 1440kb generate images for all images (using ajax) select uploaded images by date & generate images in smaller bunches add as many image optimization sizes & breakpoints as you wish image sizes will automatically be added to the wordpress uploader temporarily turn off an image size or breakpoint set the maximum width + height & the crop type (soft proportional/hard) for individual image sizes at each breakpoint loads fallback images when javascript is performance not present uses the full version of the images if no smaller versions have been generated yet ajax powered admin pages well documented wordpress php5+ if you are not rating this item with 5 stars